The Future of Digital Services Delivery

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Kevin Barrell
Warren Lemmens


Telecommunications, Digital Services, Digital Economy


Australia has set a strong ambition to capture opportunities presented by the emerging digital economy. While much discussion has focussed on the significant investment being made in broadband infrastructure, it is important to recognise that a range of other factors will also impact Australia’s ability to realise this vision of a dynamic digital market. Not least will be the requirement for the highest levels of satisfaction across a complex service delivery environment encompassing retail and business consumers, today’s retail and wholesale service providers, early phase digital content providers as well as the full range of future digital application services providers.

This challenge transcends access network architecture and technology considerations, while highlighting the complex array of technology, process and systems components required to deliver digital services in the global marketplace. Successfully addressing this challenge is fundamental to ensuring Australia develops an effective service delivery ecosystem to underpin its digital future.

This paper makes the case for industry to turn its attention to the operational market structure and processes that will support this future environment, together with the key multi-party relationships and interdependencies that will underpin the required high levels of user experience and Australia’s ultimate success.
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